Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pear Galette

 Today, I attempted a Pear Galette with some amazing pears I found at H&D. The recipe I used was from my new favorite cookbook, The Vineyard Kitchen, by Maria Helm Sinskey.

She's got an Apple Galette recipe in the cookbook, and I substitued pears. That's the only alteration I made to the recipe -- except I don't think I successfully stacked the pears the way she suggested.

The crust came out beautifully, unfortunately it didn't transfer well to the plate as the pears were a lot juicier than I suspect the apples would have been and the bottom fell out. But the upside is that I can tell you it tastes fantastic and what it lacks in looks, it will more than make up for in flavor.

I'm looking forward to the French Baking class Mike got me for Christmas -- maybe there I'll learn how to lay out the fruit correctly.

All in all, I'd count this in the column of yet another successful recipe from Maria!
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